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  FAQ – frequently asked questions





Which vehicles can be equipped with the Cartuning4u-Tuningboxes?
All diesel engines vehicles with pump nozzle injection, Commain Rail injection, VP37-Diesel pump as well as VP44/VP30 /Lucas Diesel pump.

How does the Cartuning4u-Tuningboxes function?
This Electronics is used with vehicles, which are equipped with conventional electronic injection pumps of the manufacturers Bosch or Lucas. Here an increase in output takes place via a change of the injection pump signals from the controller to the injection pump. Thus an increase in output of up to 40 HP is made possible in the single case

Which advantages have the Cartuning4u-Tuningboxes?
Engine-careful interpretation
Made in Germany
Quick assembly / disassembly
No intervention in the control device
Everyday life-suited
Warranty on our product

How does the Cartuning4u-Tuningboxes affect the fuel consumption?
With equal lasting and/or defensive driving fashion the fuel consumption remains the same or sinks.
One "before - afterwards - measurement" with a Mercedes 220 CDI on a test track: a fuel reduction of 1,2 l/100 km in the case of defensive driving fashion and a maximum speed of 140 resulted in 30 km highway, 10 km city travel and 30 km motorway km/h on the motorway

Why less consumption?
The torque characteristic of the engine is changed by the Cartuning4u-Tuningboxen and substantially more flexibly. Therefore it can be driven in the town traffic with less switch-process. Each shifting process is constant accelerating and deceleration of the masses and costs most fuel. The number of shifting processes, otherwise needed, and thus the fuel consumption are thus reduced = higher torque = smaller number of revolutions = smaller consumption.

Grime my vehicle after installation of the Cartuning4u-Tuningboxes?
No. Only badly coordinated vehicles grime

How does the Cartuning4u-Tuningboxen affect the finale speed?
The Cartuning4u-tuningboxes was developed to the torque increase and optimization in the lower and middle speed area. Nevertheless, it comes with some vehicles for a rise of the final speed. This lies within the range of 5 - 15 km/h and is vehicle dependently.

Why doesn't the manufacturer adjust the vehicle equivalent optimally?
The manufacturer builds a car for the world-wide market. In other countries the fuel often does not correspond to our German quality standard. Also the continuous operation by extreme heights can make worse the combustion. Indeed, are of these qualities which must not be taken into consideration within Europe. Besides the manufacturing tolerance can also play a role. If the vehicle after the production on the test bench stands the achievement must be raised perhaps something else. Tolerance is necessary for it.

Does the Cartuning4u-Tuningboxes affect the exhaust investigation (V acceptance)?
No, because the valid waste gas values of the vehicle are not changed. Therefore there are no problems with the exhaust investigation (V acceptance).

Does the Cartuning4u-Tuningboxes have to be registered?
Yes. The Cartuning4u-Tuningboxes must be registered by single acceptance (with us in the house possible) into the registration papers.

Does the Cartuning4u-Tuningboxen function also with automatic vehicles?
Yes, indeed, these have on no account influenced another control device, however, the increase in output. This automatic adapts itself automatically even.

How long does the installation last?
The installation lasts according to box 15 minutes to 1 hour.

Can I make the installation?
Yes. The Cartuning4u-tuning boxing have so been developed that the installation can be carried out with the help of the attached instructions easily also by yourselves.

Who inserts the Cartuning4u-Tuningboxes?
Selected dealer and we at Cartuning4u make the installation.

Can the original state be restored after installation of the Cartuning4u-Tuningboxes?
Yes, the Cartuning4u-Tuningboxen can be back-prepared at any time problem-free.

For my vehicle there are two cable harness connections (8 or 10 pole)
Whether with your vehicle the 8 or 10-pole version is obstructed, you can ascertain, while you separate the patch cord of the diesel pump from the cable rope and count the number of the contacts (8 or 10).

How long do I have warranty on the Cartuning4u-Tuningboxes?
Cartuning4u grants to you 3 years on the product. With a device defect an exchange is easily possible any time. Damages by external intervention cannot be adjusted by us of course - the guarantee achievement goes out.

Does the vehicle have a shorter life span after the change?
The Cartuning4u-tuningboxes are so tuned that no limit values of the vehicle or the engine and all matching components are crossed. With normal driving manner is to be calculated on an easily raised wear.

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